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The Public Relations/Business Club at Saint Mary’s University went on its first trip of the year to WinCraft, a leading manufacturer of licensed and promotional products for professional sports teams, in Winona, Minnesota on Thursday, September 13.

The PR/Business Club heard from three professionals from the Wincraft company: Liz Sager (sales), Robert Gas (strategic accounts), and Amber Collins (team sales manager).

Each presenter emphasized the convenience and uniqueness of having their products produced in the states rather than overseas, which is what WinCraft does. “We can keep cranking things out through the season because it is made right here in Minnesota,” Collins said.

Collins, Sager, and Gas each emphasized the opportunities they have had working at WinCraft from traveling to major cities around the United States, meeting with different organizations and businesses, to working at the Superbowl. “To be in there working with [the sports teams], working at the Super Bowl and other important athletic events is a fun part of the job,” Collins said.

PR/Business Club members attend a presentation about Wincraft

The visit to WinCraft concluded with a tour of the various WinCraft facilities. The students got to see the steps of production for different products from the Gatorade towels, which are shown on TV during football and basketball games, to banners and flags.

“It’s important to explore the things in your community. In my time at Saint Mary’s University I had no idea a multi-million dollar company like WinCraft was down the road,” Gas said.

PR/Business Club poses with Robert Gas (far left) behind Wincraft sign