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The use of social media can be good for your career and your employer if you do it right. This was a message conveyed by Jenny Baertsch, 2005 Saint Mary’s Public Relations graduate, at a “Leaders’ Luncheon.”

Jenny Baertsch currently works as marketing manager for WNB Financial in Winona. Her job requires her to oversee advertising, communications, sponsorships, and events. She emphasized that posting about these aspects on social media can have a big impact on a company’s brand. She said that a company’s brand is someone’s gut feeling about the company or organization. Consequently, having a good brand is essential to business success. Baertsch said creating and promoting a brand can be done successfully through the use of social media. She suggested posting photos from events that the company coordinates or events that employees may be attending or even something as simple as creating a hashtag that is relevant to the company and using it frequently.

Baertsch also emphasized that in order to find success in a field you have to not only be an advocate for your company, but you have to want to be an advocate. Getting more involved and taking initiative in the workplace, Baertsch said, can make your job feel less like a job. While these steps are important, Baertsch also said it is important to use common sense before posting on social media. She offers the guideline of making sure your boss and your grandma would approve a post before making it public.

Baertsch’s presentation was a part of the “Leaders’ Luncheon” presentations on campus. The next “Leaders’ Luncheon” will be held on Wednesday, November 14. Mike Hagarty, the Director of Career Services and Internships, said the next speaker will be Rod Baker, who is “the Director of Continuous System Improvement at Winona Health, and author of the book, Take Charge of Your Future: A 1,2,3 Guide to Making Good Career Choices.” Hagarty said Baker will be speaking about, “how to leverage your out of class experiences (service trips, volunteering, study abroad, sports, clubs, etc.) to help you guide your career and land you better jobs.”

Jenny Baertsch presenting to Saint Mary’s students. Taken by Dean Beckman