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Editor’s Note: This story was written by Morgan Von Feldt.

After two years, the Saint Mary’s Art Club is starting back up again in full swing. The club has been inactive since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic but is now searching for new student members. 

Club President Kayla Dwire encourages all Saint Mary’s students interested in art to join, regardless of any artistic background or major. 

“I personally want the club to be a place where people can come to have fun and relax,” she said. “I know a lot of students only experience one art class if it’s not their major, so giving them a place to just wind down and have fun with their friends would be ideal.” 

Dwire said that although club meetings and activities are still to be determined for the semester, she has been brainstorming with other Executive Board members and club advisor Lisa Truax about plans for the remainder of this year into next school year. 

“We are planning a variety of events and activities with varying involvement,” she said. “Having events like just coming to paint a canvas with a friend versus having events such as screen printing t-shirts will give students the opportunity to put as little or as much time into the club as they want.” 

Dwire hopes that the revived campus Art Club will allow for students of all majors and skill levels to come together in a safe space to enjoy and practice the art they love.

Sign up sheets with QR codes are currently posted around campus. Students can also sign up today through the following link:

For more information on Art Club, please contact