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Editor’s Note: This story was written by Kayla Dwire.

For this senior art student, taking a photography class inspired her, and made her realize that she wanted to pursue photography full time. 

As the senior gallery show is quickly approaching, senior Sarah Phipps remembers back to the class that started it all. Phipps recalls that taking Photo Processing early on in her graphic design major at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is where her passion for photography grew. 

“Even though the process of film photography can be difficult, it makes it so much more rewarding when you get a good quality photo out of it,” said Phipps. Taking this class is where her art career really took off.  

Phipps showed gratitude for her professor, Lisa Truax, who taught her everything she knows about photography. 

“She is always willing to teach or guide you through new art ideas you have,” said Phipps. Coming from Dallas, Texas, one thing Phipps liked about Saint Mary’s was that professors like Truax were focused on providing resources for the students. 

At the senior gallery show you will see a variety of digital and analog photography from Phipps that she said are “focused on the experiences of different places and the moments that come with them.”  

After graduation, Phipps plans on pursuing a career in photography and design with a company while applying for art residencies to continue her personal portfolio. 

Find Phipps’ work, along with the work of two other senior art students at the Lillian Davis Hogan Gallery for their opening on April 9th from 2:30 P.M. – 4 P.M.